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The Largest Arantxa Fan Websites

The following are the 3 most popular and comprehensive Arantxa websites I've seen around. They feature biographies, pictures, matches, fan tributes, and updates on Arantxa's life generally.

The ASV Supporters Page
Bushra no longer updates her site (which used to have the best match updates on the web) but it still has loads of photos and Arantxa articles and bio. Also some early Arantxa Art.

The Unofficial Arantxa Website
As far as I know, this was the very first Arantxa fan website, with photos, bio, updates, guestbook and a chatroom. Very cool feature: you can send Arantxa fan mail - little notes, etc - which Marsha prints out, and passes to her at tournaments.

La Casa de Arantxa
A great all-round website run by Caz. Not only does it have a gallery of Arantxa's wedding photos, it also has updates, biographies and items of interest, and a very good links page.

Other Great Arantxa Websites

Arantxa Online
A fairly new site providing general information on ASV, but concentrating more on her tennis. It features singles results (but not doubles), match notes and tournament summaries.

Arantxa - the Bumblebee
Since I visited last, this site has been polished up very nicely. It features news and matches on Arantxa - and a collectible photo of ASV aged 17, at her first French.

The Fed Cup Dream Team
Beatriz Garcia's website is about the Spanish Federation Cup Team, but focuses on Arantxa's starring role on it. A good-looking site with neat layout.

ASV: Solo en Espanol
How did I ever miss this site? Neat, well-laid-out - alas, totally en Espanol but such photos...

Arantxa Website in French
An early website on Arantxa, with lots of Wimbledon photos. Not all of us may be able to read the biography and other text, but those photos take up 6 pages.

"Women of Tennis" - Arantxa Page
Some Arantxa photos taken by B. Mitchell as part of his WTA photos website. Mitchell's "Women of Tennis" website features every WTA player from Martina Hingis to Meilen Tu. One warning - the general home page is very heavy on graphics.

Advantage Tennis - Arantxa Page
More Arantxa photos taken by a photographer for his tennis photos website. The prints are offered for sale.

Melinda's Fantasy Photos
A page of hilarious "photos" of Arantxa, including one featuring her as the Statue of Liberty.

Won-Jae's Arantxa Page
A page from a personal website, with some biodata and comments on Arantxa.

Arantxa Supporters Site
Mudar al-Bayat's Arantxa fan page. I don't know if it is still updated.

ASV in Infoplease
Arantxa's entry in the biography section of an online encyclopaedia.


Wonderful Websites (Non-Arantxa)

Gandalf the Grey

My brother Gandalf's website has jokes that you can crack like walnuts, a football club page (Glory, glory Man United!!!), and other items of interest.

F9 Kid's Space Station
A site that has lots of games, stories, and entertainment for kids.

Hephaistion: Philalexandros
The only website devoted to the best friend of Alexander the Great, a cool and interesting guy, one of my favourite Ancient Greeks.

Queen - The Official Website
Although I adore the rock giants Queen, I haven't yet found a website comprehensive and grandiose enough to do them justice. So this must suffice.

The Hunger Site
Anybody with a conscience and who can afford to surf the Internet should click here four or five times a day. Make it a routine for as long as you can.

Jamralla Pitt Lounge Presents: Jaye Davidson
The only website devoted to the enigmatic and incomparable Jaye Davidson, highly androgynous fashion model/movie star. OK, so he's my current desktop picture...

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